Your schedule, students and payments
You can focus on teaching and Light will handle everything else. It allows you to spend much less time on scheduling and communications.
$20/month after a free month
What is it like to be a tutor with Light?
Easy scheduling
Your schedule is always with you

It's easy to find free time for a lesson

You can share a booking link and clients will see which time you are available
Hassle-free communication with students
A free companion app with the actual schedule of lessons is available for all your students

Your students receive notifications about lessons and reminders about their homework

Students can see how much they paid forward or how much they owe you
Simple payments tracking
You can mark a lesson as paid or not

It's visible in the calendar which lessons are paid

If student is paying in advance app will show future lessons as paid
Clear picture of your income
You can see your pojected and actual income for this month

Light automatically calculates each student outstanding balance

You can export info about your income to calculate taxes
Easy tutoring here
$20/month after a free month
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