Guide for a new Light user

Welcome to Light.
Here we have described very briefly how the application works ❤️
Filling in your schedule
We advise you to add your whole schedule to your calendar right away. It may take a few minutes but this way you can see your projected income and get the most value from using Light.

To create an event, click on an empty space on your calendar. Then enter your client's name and the price of the lesson, edit the time if needed and specify the recurrence of the event.
    Once an event is created you will be able to
    • Edit it
    • Mark it as paid
    • Or Delete, if the lesson is canceled

    When you mark an event as paid, it will have a dark stripe on the side. And the student's balance will automatically be topped up by the cost of this lesson.
    Your actual and projected income
    Once you have completed the schedule, you will be able to see above the calendar your projected and actual income for the week and month.
    In the actual income, we take into account all past sessions, both paid and unpaid. Paid in advance and planned classes are counted in the projected income.

    For example: If you have had 5 lessons of $100 this week and 3 students have paid and 2 have not yet paid, we still show that you have earned 5 * 100 = 500. That's because debts are counted in the actual income.
    Payments and client balances
    Each of your clients has a balance which you can view in the "Clients" tab. A negative balance means that the client owes you and a positive balance means that the client has paid in advance for the lessons.

    When the lesson is over, the cost of the lesson is automatically deducted from the client's balance if it has not already been paid for.

    For example:
    It is 10:00 and you add a lesson with a new client, his balance is 0.
    You schedule a lesson from 12:00 to 1:00 at a cost of 100.
    So at 13:01, your client will have a balance of -100

    When you mark an event in your calendar as paid, your client's balance will be topped up by the cost of the event. Also, you can directly top up the client's balance by clicking on the line with the client's balance.

    For example:
    if a client has paid for 5 events in advance, you can top up his balance by this amount and his next 5 events will automatically become paid.

    Also, at the top of the Clients screen there is the total amount owed to you by all the students for past lessons and the amount they have already paid you in advance.
    Thank you for reading !

    We hope the guide has helped you to understand the app and answered any questions you might have

    Enjoy using Light and contact us with any ideas or suggestions! ✨